Real-time viewing of log files

Use this procedure to use a utility that lets you view activity as the system writes it to any log file. This procedure explains how to use it in a Windows environment. Usage on UNIX is similar.

Note   If your operating system is Windows Server 2003 SP1, you need to download the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools and use the tail.exe from that package rather than the tail.exe in <install directory>\bin. The download link is: .
  1. Choose the log file you want to monitor. Logs are in the logs directory of the installation hierarchy.
  2. For example purposes, we choose to monitor a node events log.
  3. Open a command window.
  4. From <install directory>\bin, run the tail command in the following format:
  5. tail -f path logname
  6. In our example, the command is:
  7. tail -f c:\<install directory>\logs\hostname_te_events.log

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