Inbound message validation rules

Use the Configure message validation rules page to specify whether a community accepts or rejects messages and documents from partners. You can specify whether a community accepts or rejects:

  • Duplicate EDI documents
  • Signed or unsigned messages
  • Encrypted or plain text messages
  • CSOS duplicate orders
  • Web Services messages
  • AS4 messages
  • cXML messages

You can combine validation rules. For example you could configure validation so that inbound messages are rejected if they are either not signed or not encrypted.

You can also set exceptions to your validation rules that are based on the:

  • Partner that sent the message
  • Collaboration category of the partner that sent the message
  • Exchange point that receives the inbound message

For example you could require signing of all inbound messages, except when the messages are received on a specific Web Services exchange point.

Interchange applies a validation rule only when it parses a valid sender and a valid receiver partner for a message that it is handling.

For information about collaboration categories, see Group partners by categories.

For information about packaging of outbound messages, see Collaboration settings.

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