Add or delete message attributes

Add attributes

Adding attributes makes them available for use in message attributes templates and in the message handler area of the user interface.

The message attributes page is for managing attributes (metadata). The page displays all declared attributes and allows adding others, either user-defined or from internal dictionaries.

  1. Select System management > Manage message attributes to open the Message attributes page. The page lists any message attributes that have been added.
  2. The Name is what Interchange uses. The Friendly name is the display name for the user interface.
  3. Add an attribute by selecting one from the available pool of attributes or by typing your own custom attribute.
    • To add an attribute from the pool, click the triangle icon next to the Name field near the bottom of the page to display a partial list of attributes. To display more attributes, click the ellipsis at the bottom of the drop-down and scroll down. You also can type a letter to display attributes that begin with that letter.
    • To add a custom attribute, select the Name field and type the name of the attribute.
    • To add a custom attribute, follow these guidelines: Make attribute names a single text string. For names that use multiple words, do not use spaces between the words. Use camel case for names that include two or more words (for example, AttributeName). Avoid using non-alphanumeric characters in attribute names (for example, commas, periods, asterisks, ampersands and so on).
    • It is a good practice to include a prefix for the custom attribute name to make it easy to identify as a user-defined attribute. For example, you could use a company name as the prefix ( CompanyAttributeName).
  4. Click Add.

Delete attributes

To delete an attribute, click the Delete button located in the row of the attribute you want to delete.

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