Manage community-specific collaboration settings

You can specify a subset of collaboration settings that apply specifically to one community.

These settings:

  • Override the default collaboration settings only for the community on which they are applied.
  • Are overridden by any collaboration settings that you set between the community and:
    • specific partner categories
    • specific partners
    • specific partner deliveries

Use community collaboration settings to define exceptions to the default outbound message settings.

Use example: In your default collaboration settings you could specify that messages sent over the AS2 protocol must return synchronous acknowledgements. For "Community A" only, you might require asynchronous acknowledgements when using the AS2 protocol. You can specify unique AS2 collaboration settings for "Community A" to create this requirement, while using the default collaboration settings for sending message via other protocols.

For any settings you do not change at the community level, Interchange uses the global defaults. See Default collaboration fields.

You do not need community-specific collaboration settings if your installation defines only one community or if all communities want to send messages the same way.

View and modify collaboration settings for a community

To view or modify the collaboration settings specific to a community:

  1. Open a community summary page.
  2. On the community navigation graphic, click Collaboration settings to open the Configure community-specific collaboration settings page.
  3. Select and modify the settings that you want to specialize for the current community.
  4. See Community and category collaboration fields for descriptions.

To specify how a community sends messages to:

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