Sign pending orders

Use this procedure to digitally sign CSOS orders and release them so Interchange can package and send them to a partner. This procedure presumes all CSOS configuration steps have been completed correctly.

  1. Log on to the user interface and check whether any CSOS orders are awaiting your signature.
  2. The system generates an alert when CSOS orders are awaiting signature. You also can check for pending orders by selecting CSOS > View pending orders on the toolbar.
  3. Any orders in the signing queue that include your DEA number are listed.
  4. If needed, use the following features to limit the list of orders:
    • Click the Show/Hide vertical tab to display the Search pane. Enter criteria such as the order number or a date range and click Find.
    • To sort the results, click any column heading.
  5. Click the date of a pending order to display it on the approve CSOS order page.
  6. Review the order. Perform one of the following:
    • To abort signing the order, click x. This message displays: SigningAborted. Click Ok.
    • If the document is satisfactory, type your certificate password in the field at the bottom of the page and click Approve. If you enter an incorrect password, the system prompts you to try again. Once you click Approve, the CSOS order approval page displays. The approval status column shows the order approval was successful. Interchange resumes normal outbound processing of the document. If you have not already added a user signing certificate, a message prompting you to do so is displayed in place of the password field.
    • If the document is unsatisfactory, click Reject. This action opens a page where you can type a reason for rejecting the document (see the following figure ) . Click Save reason when you are done. A rejected CSOS order is reported in Message Tracker as a failed message. The failure reason you type is displayed in the message details for the rejected order.
  7. You have several options for continuing:
    • Click View pending orders to approve another order in your queue.
    • or
    • Click View past orders to go to Message Tracker and follow each document’s trading status. See Message Tracker.

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