Import CSOS signing certificate

Use this procedure to import the DEA-issued signing certificate to Interchange. This certificate is assigned to a user who uses it to sign CSOS orders before Interchange sends the orders to partners.

Caution   The pfx or p12 file that DEA provides contains your private encryption key. Make sure to securely protect this file. Do not share it with anyone.
  1. Select Change my user account on the toolbar. Depending on the permissions for the role assigned to the user, this link is on the User settings menu or the Users and roles menu.
  2. Select the Personal certificates tab and click Add a certificate to open the certificate wizard.
  3. Type the path to the certificate file or click Browse to locate the file.
  4. In the Password field under the Certificate file field, type the password the DEA provided. This is the password that protects the certificate file.
  5. In the Certificate password field, type the password you want to use. This password supersedes the password provided by the DEA. This is the password you use to sign a CSOS order. Also type the new password in the Confirm password field.
  6. In the DEA Number field, enter the DEA number associated with the certificate.
    The format for this number is two capital letters followed by seven digits. This information is used to determine which orders you can view and sign.
  7. Click Next. A name for the certificate is displayed. You can use this name or type a different name.
  8. Click Finish to complete importing the certificate.
  9. To verify the certificate has been imported, click the Personal certificates tab and look for the name of the certificate you just imported.

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