Configure PKCS#7-encrypted XML trading

Axway CSOS includes a feature to facilitate trading with partners that send orders using a specific PKCS#7-encrypted XML packaging. Walmart Stores is the only known originator of this packaging at this time.

Caution   Do not configure this enhancement on an existing trading pickup. Configure a new trading pickup. This message processing will be triggered if the special message attribute is set on an incoming message.
  1. Enable the Message attribute:
    1. Log on to the user interface as the system administrator.
    2. Navigate to System management > Manage message attributes.
    3. In the Add a message attribute - Name field, enter the string csos.pkcs7. Then, click Add. The page refreshes and the new attribute appears in the table as CSOS PKCS7.
  2. Add a new document type for the PKCS7 orders:
    1. Navigate to Transaction configuration > Add a document type.
    2. Complete the fields to name the document type using your own convention.
    3. Select the e222-wm.xsl stylesheet.
    4. Click Add.
  3. Modify your CSOS Order Identification settings:
    1. Navigate to CSOS > Configure CSOS.
    2. On the Order identification tab, under the XML documents section, click Add an XML document identifier. Enter the following:
    • Field Value

      Identify XPath


      DEA Number


      Order Number


      Document type

      [Document type you created in Step 2.]

  1. For the partner, create a new trading pickup. For more information, see Add a trading pickup.
  2. Modify the trading pickup as follows:
    1. On the Message attributes tab, in the Attribute name field, select csos.pkcs7.
    2. In the Value field, enter true.
    3. Click Add.
      The csos.pkcs7 attribute now appears in the Fixed message attributes list.

Once this configuration is complete, you can begin testing trading with Walmart.

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