Axway CSOS

For licensed users, Interchange supports digital signing and verification of controlled substance orders in compliance with the Controlled Substance Ordering System of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration ( ). The documents being handled are purchase orders that conform to CSOS standards. These can be EDI X12 or XML documents.

Can you use CSOS?


This mortar and pestle icon on the user interface toolbar indicates that your user license supports CSOS functionality. If this icon is absent, you are not licensed for CSOS processing. If you have purchased a CSOS license and experience any display issues, contact Support services.

Another way to check whether your license supports this functionality is to select Help > License information.

Standards certification

The Axway Interchange trading engine has been certified for interoperability for AS1, AS2, AS3, AS4, and ebXML. See for a list of software the trading engine has been tested with successfully for interoperability.


Drummand certification stamp.

User validation with PassPort

If your organization uses PassPort, you can use it in conjunction with Axway CSOS to validate CSOS user(s) credentials.



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