Share saved searches

Administrators can share their saved searches with other users. They also can take away searches that have been given to other users.

Sharing allows other users to execute searches without having to recreate the conditions that administrators already have set up for saved searches.

To share and remove searches, your user name must be associated with the admin role or a role that includes the administrator permission.

The Share searches menu option opens a page for managing shared searches. The page has two tabs:

  • Share my saved searches tab lets you share your saved searches with other users.
    1. Select the saved searches you want to share and click Share.
    2. If another user has a saved search with a name identical to one of your saved searches, the name is listed under the Searches with names duplicating my searches column. This only means the names are the same; the search conditions could be quite different. Select the overwrite check box if you want the saved search you share to replace a saved search of the same name belonging to another user.
  • Unshare saved searches tab lets you remove saved searches used by yourself and other users. Select to unshare by user name or search name, select the searches and click Remove.

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