Search results page

Once search results are displayed, you can enlarge the results display area by clicking the Show/Hide tab to the right of the search name field.

You can click some of the values in the returned search results to display options for searches based on a single value. Move your cursor over the table of search results. When the cursor displays as a hand symbol, you can click the table cell for more searching options.

These search options are:

  • Add this item to the filter – Select to add this value as a search condition in the trading information area of the custom search panel and perform a new search. You can select this to cumulatively add values for search different conditions. The value you select is added to the search conditions already set up on the custom search panel.
  • Filter by only this item – Select to clear any search conditions in the trading information area of the custom search panel and perform a new search based only on this value. You can select this to clear all search conditions except one. This also resets the date condition to the default of Origination and Within the last [n] days.

After executing a search, you can save the search by name and perform it again with the same conditions. To save a search, type a name in the Search name field and click Save. To execute a saved search, select the name of the search under Message Tracker > My searches . Searches are saved on a per-user basis. Searches you have saved are not available to users who log on with a different user ID. However, administrators can share your searches with other users (see Share saved searches).

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