Message receipts

If the community collaboration settings request partners to send receipts (see Collaboration settings), Message Tracker creates reports of the receipts from partners that confirm message deliveries,

Message receipts also go by other names such as acknowledgments and message disposition notifications (MDNs). In Message Tracker, the word "receipt" is used.

When a signed receipt is requested, but an unsigned receipt is received, the unsigned receipt is rejected (ignored). This results in a resend of the original document until a signed receipt is received or the maximum number of resends is reached.

All signed receipts must contain a Received-Content-MIC value. Any signed receipt that does not contain a Received-Content-MIC is rejected.

When a signed receipt is received, its Received-Content-MIC is compared to the MIC of the original document. This is the case whether the original document requested a signed or unsigned receipt.

When a receipt is received for a document that did not request a receipt, the received receipt is rejected.

Received-Content-MIC values in unsigned receipts are ignored. This is because there is no way to guarantee the validity of any information in an unsigned receipt. And since the primary purpose of the Received-Content-MIC value is for non-repudiation, it does not make sense to give any weight to such a value in an unsigned receipt.

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