Generate a BIRT report

The Generate report action enables you to create a BIRT report from an existing report template.


  1. Open the Collection, Object or Element. Alternatively, select the Object or the Element from the list of Objects / Elements.
  2. Click List Report Templates to display the available report templates corresponding to the edited entity. Templates are filtered based on the user privileges.
  3. Select a report template.
  4. Enter the Report name and Report type.
  5. (Optional) If the templates have report parameters you can fill them before generating the reports. Mandatory parameters must always be filled.
  6. Click Execute or alternatively double-click the report template.
    InterPlay displays:
    • An end of execution message
    • The list of generated reports
  7. To open the report:
    • Either click the end of execution message.
    • Or double-click the report in the list of reports.
Caution   Reports of type ppt can not be opened with PowerPoint 2010. The reports should be generated as pptx.

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