Update the system configuration

You must modify the InterPlay system configuration when you want to change:

  • The location of the log4j.properties file. InterPlay uses the log4j open source component. The log4j.properties file is located in the InterPlay installation directory.
  • Change the location of the interplay-web.war
  • Change the location of the documentation. When you press Help from the UI, the index.html file found in this folder is displayed.
  • Add/change the location of the InterPlay work folder. The work folder is used to store temporary files of the application, for example: exported CSV files, created reports, images used in the application or in the reports, etc.

All those changes are done by modifying interplay-web.xml file located in the InterPlay installation root folder.

To modify the configuration:

  1. Stop Tomcat server.
  2. Update the attributes in the file.
  3. What to update Attribute to modify
    location for log4j.properties file log4jConfigFile
    location for interplay-web.war file docBase
    location for documentation folder documentationPath
    location of the work folder IPWorkDirectory
  4. If you have modified the interplay-web.xml file, you must copy it into your <TomcatInstall>/conf/Catalina/localhost directory.
  5. Restart Tomcat server.
Note   Because the Designer is an InterPlay application, you can modify its system configuration in the same way. The file to modify is designer-web.xml which is stored in the Designer installation folder.


<Context docBase="C:\Axway202\InterPlay\interplay-web.war"

override="true" antiJARLocking="true" useNaming="true">

<Resource name="bean/AppConfig" type="com.axway.ais.jndires.AppConfig"


IPDataSourceJndi="jdbc/interplayDataSource" IPDatabaseSecuredPassword="true"

IPComponentName="InterPlay" IPConfigurationDataSourceJndi="jdbc/configDatasource"

IPAdminDatabaseUser="" indexTablespace="" lobTableSpace=""

license="ZZO5PUDK7EAYOPQ4VB5P" log4jConfigFile="C:\Axway202\InterPlay\log4j.properties"


documentationPath="C:\Axway202\InterPlay\Documentation\InterPlay_2.0.x_ UsersGuide_allOS_en"

numberOfRetries="3" waitPeriod="1000" />

The same principle applies to the other Web applications:

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