Connect to a secured InterPlay server

Once the HTTPS protocol is activated on InterPlay, you MUST set up the clients;

InterPlay scripts

In the <InterPlayDir>/Tools/Extra/ file:

  1. Set the communication protocol to https.
  2. Set the port to the HTTPS port that has been set in the server.xml file or at installation time.
  3. Set the Truststore location to the path o the keystore that contains the trusted root CAs (also known as “truststore”).
    If InterPlay has been installed with the HTTPS enabled option and the provided certificate is used, the truststore location is already configured with the righ path.




Internet browser

If you use the default server certificate provided, the first time you connect to the secured InterPlay server, your browser will raise an error saying that the server certificate is not valid. This warning message as well as how to deal with it is specific to the browser type you are using.


This applies to Firefox and any other Mozilla browser.

The user has to explicitly add an exception to the invalid certificate in order to access the page. The exception can be set as permanent so as to prevent the warning in the future.

Browser dialog with the option to add an exception

Add Security Exception dialog

Internet Explorer

Each time the page is opened, the warning is displayed and the user must click a link in order to access the page. Even if the user installs the provided certificate in the system, the certificate is still invalid, because it is issued to another site name.

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