Specify toolbar items

Enter the toolbar fields for each item.

    Field Type / Max.length Contents
    Toolbar location String / 30

    Toolbar where you want to insert the new toolbar item. Possible toolbars are for:

    • Collections: the toolbar above the Collection list on the first panel.
    • Editors: the main toolbar in the Editor panel.
    • Tables: the toolbar in the Table page and in the sibling panel.

    The rank of the items corresponds to the respective position of the items in the toolbar.

    Type String / 30

    Type of toolbar item to add:

    • Button
    • Collection view selector: combobox that displays the list container for the selected Object/Element.
    • Menu button: menu that contains several buttons.
    • Separator: vertical line that separates toolbar items.
    • Stretch: invisible item that moves the following items on the right of the toolbar item.
    Action String / 80

    Action that is executed when the toolbar item is triggered.

    Shortcut modifier String / 15

    Type=Button or Type=Menu button

    Field that enables you to select one or more modifiers (Control keys) that you want to include in your shortcut button.

    Possible values are: SHIFT, ALT, CTRL.

    Shortcut key String / 1

    Type=Button or Type=Menu button

    Field used along with the Shortcut modifier to define a shortcut combination for the current toolbar item. It is restricted to one letter or digit.

    Example: CTRL+D

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