Field types

Field types and uses

Fields display property values that you can modify. You select the field types and property types that correspond to your needs.

Fields are associated to a label. You define the style characteristics for labels as well as for fields. You can associate a tool tip to a field. This tool tip displays the field value when the mouse hovers over the label.

If an error is raised on the field, the border of the field becomes red and the tool tip on the field box displays an error message.

Property type Field type
String (length = 1)
  • Check box
  • Text Input
  • Combo box
  • Color picker
  • Combo box
  • Filtered combo box
  • Masked input
  • Password Input
  • Short list
  • Text area
  • Text Input
  • Rich text area
Date, DateTime
  • Date Input
  • Masked input
  • Text Input
Decimal, Integer, Long
  • Decimal Input
  • Masked input
  • Text Input

Field types description

The following types are provided:

Field type Description

Text input

Single-line textbox that you can set as editable or not.

Date input


Textbox that is displayed with a calendar icon on the right.

When the end-user clicks anywhere in the field, the calendar pops up and he can select a date (year, month, day).

Check box

Square box that can contain white space (for false) or a tick mark or X (for true). It is usually preceded by a caption that describes the meaning of the field.

The associated property must have a string type with a length of 1 character. Strings that are used when the check box is checked or not are Y and N. If you want to change this value at import and export time, you must use a data formatter (see exit).

Masked input

Textbox that forces the user to enter a valid value via a mask format.

A mask can include the characters:

  • "#": Digits (0 to 9)
  • "A": Stands for the whole alphabet in uppercase (A to Z).
  • "a": Stands for the whole alphabet in lowercase (a to z).
  • "B": Stands for the whole alphabet:
    • A-Z (uppercase)
    • a-z (lowercase)
  • ".": Any character
  • "*": Any letter or digits
  • "/": Escape character that enables you to use the special characters in the mask expression. Example: “/A” will correspond to “A” and not to an A-Z character.

Combo box

Textbox with a drop-down list from which the user can select a single value.

If the combo box is not restricted, the user can type one or more additional values directly into the Text input field.

Filter combo box

Textbox with a drop-down list from which the user can select a single value.

If the combo box is not restricted, the user can type one or more additional values directly into the Text input field.

In edit mode the drop-down list is filtered as the user enters characters. One can add a mask to restrict the characters that can be typed in the Text input field.


Multi-line textbox.

Rich text area

Multi-line textbox with rich text editing capabilities.

The user can change text font, size, color and alignment for the entire text or for a selection. Hyperlinks can be specified to direct users to specific pages.

The user can switch between text view and code view to review or modify the HTML code used to render the rich text.

Length constraints can be an issue with rich text area fields because they use HTML code and not plain text. The HTML code is usually longer than plain text because it includes HTML tags.

To avoid length issues on this type of field we recommend that you set a sufficiently large length value on the corresponding property type (for example, 1000 characters).

Note: with this component, the length refers not to the number of characters in the text view, but to the total number of characters in the html code. Thus aaa has a length of 3, but aaa (in bold) might correspond to <b>aaa</b> and have a length of 10.

Decimal input

Textbox used to enter decimal number.

The property associated to the field provides total number of digits and position of the fraction delimiter. When the user enters the value, he can only enter digits. The fraction delimiter is then inserted automatically.

Password input

Textbox where input characters are usually masked by a series of asterisks.

Color picker

Square box that displays a color. When the user clicks in the box, a dialog pane pops ups and the user can:

  • Either select a color in a grid.
  • Or enter the hexadecimal value that corresponds to the color.

Short list

Textbox where the user enters a list of strings. The user can add / remove text fields via the buttons located on the right.

Restriction: New items cannot be added when the sum of the string length including delimiters exceeds the maximum size defined.

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