Variable flat file writer for virtual Business Objects

The flat file reader for virtual Business Objects:

• Reads flat input files.

• Transforms them into Interplay Objects.

• Saves these objects in the database.

The Java class called VirtualBOVariableFlatFileReader must be declared in the interplayPublicContext.xml file as follows:

<bean id="flatFileReaderVirtualBO" scope="prototype"


<property name="dataSource" ref="jdbcDataSource" />

<property name="readerType" value="VariableFlatFile"/>


The input flat file must have a linear structure and comply with the following rules:

  • Only Elements are allowed in the file content; the Business Objects will be automatically created.
  • Each Element must be on one line and the attributes separated by delimiter characters.
  • The type of the line must be indicated in the reader configuration section of the Business Collection Type configuration file under the Rank property. This property indicates the rank of the property that stores the type of the line.

The reader uses the:

  • Properties file that contains information that will be transformed into properties of the Business Collection associated with the imported document.
  • Data file that contains the actual data that should form the Business Collection, the Business Objects and their Elements.

A section can be included at the end of each line to store the errors associated with the line.

The reader settings must be defined in the Business Collection Type that defines the structure of the file to import.

The same structure constraints are applied here as for the Fixed flat file reader for virtual business objects.

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