Fixed flat file reader

The fixed flat file reader:

  • Reads AccountingIntegrator flat files.
  • Transforms them into Interplay Objects.
  • Saves these objects in the database.

The Java class called AccountingIntegratorReaderTr must be declared in the interplayPublicContext.xml file as follows:

<bean id="accountingIntegratorFileReader"



<property name="dataSource" ref="jdbcDataSource" />

<property name="readerType" value="FixedFlatFile"/>


The reader uses a:

  • File that contains AccoutingIntegrator Input-Events.
  • File that contains rejected AccoutingIntegrator Input-Events created via the rdjews command from AccountingIntegrator. A 300-character error section exists at the beginning of each line and includes:
    • An error code: offset=1, length=7
    •  An error label: offset=8, length=72 and offset=91; length=50
    • A label for the events that have no error "Valid Segment for a rejected IEvent" or "Enregistrement valide d'un CRE en erreur.

For the import to succeed, the import class requires information to be set on the Collection Type, that defines the structure of the file to import. The Has errors property determines if the file to import contains error information at the beginning of each line.

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