TransformImportFunction exit

You use the TransformImportFunction exit to transform the lines of an imported file into InterPlay Elements.

The Transform Import Functions must be added to the following function calls.

Function Call When
TransformImportCollection NA
Importer NA

The TransformImportFunction interface provides methods that enable you to control the different levels of the Collection and check correlations between Elements.

public interface TransformImportFunction


void init(

Map<String, Object> functionArguments)

throws InterplayException;

List<ObjectDetail> generateObjects(

ImportDataSource importDatasource,

TransformerContext context)

throws InterplayException;

void release();


The default TransformImportFunction exits are located:

  • For the Collection import transformer in com.axway.interplay.core.externaldata.importdata.transformer.DefaultTransformerFunctionImpl
  • For the CSV transformer in com.axway.interplay.core.externaldata.importdata.transformer.DefaultCSVTransformerFunction.


Argument Contents
importDatasource Datasource used to map the lines in the file in order to transform them into properties.

Context that contains different variables depending on the operation that triggered the TransformImportFunction.

The method returns a list of generated objects.

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