ModifyFunction exit

You use the ModifyFunction exit to control and modify property values. Changes to the property values of the target objects will be saved.

The Modify Functions can be added at the following function calls.

Function Call When
CopyObject Before
DuplicateObject Before
ImportObject -
ImportCollection Before
ChangeProperty -
MoveObject Before
CreateCollection Before
CreateObject Before


public interface ModifyFunction {

public ExitResult modify(

BusinessEntity targetObject,

ErrorFactory errorFactory,

SourceDatabaseExternal sourceExternal,

Map<String, Object> functionArguments


Argument Contents
targetObject BusinessCollection, BusinessObject or Sub-Element depending on the entity that triggered the exit.
errorFactory Utility object to simplify the creation of the list of errors.
sourceExternal Utility that enables access to the content of the Collection.
functionArguments Function arguments can contain different variables depending on the operation that triggered the ControlFunction.

The method returns an ExitResult object that contains:

  • modifiedPropertiesList - the list of posible values as a result of the ChangeProperty functionCall. A posible value is a list of business property objects.
  • Example: modifiedPropertyList = {{Prop1="a", Prop2="1"}, {Prop2="2", Prop3="x"}};
  • visibleColumnsList - the names of the business properties that are displayed in the ChangeProperty selection pop-up.
  • Example: visibleColumnsList = {"Prop2", "Prop3"}; the pop-up will have only 2 columns, coresponding to Prop2 and Prop3.
  • If the visibleColumnsList is not specified, all the available columns are displayed. For the above example, Prop1, Prop2 and Prop3 are displayed.
  • businessErrorList - the list of business errors that can occur during exit execution
  • hideCancel - this flag is used to show/hide the cancel button from the change property dialog. The default value is false.

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