GetValuesFunction exit

You use the GetValuesFunction exit to provide a list of possible values to associate with an editor field. It is used for initial or contextual values.

Each time an object is loaded into an editor or the list of possible values is opened, InterPlay calls this exit to set the possible values for the editor fields.

public interface GetValuesFunction {

public List<ListItem> getListOfValues(

BusinessEntity targetObject,

String fieldPath,

SourceDatabaseExternal sourceDatabaseExternal,

Map<String, Object> functionArguments


Argument Contents
targetObject BusinessCollection, BusinessObject or Sub-Element depending on the entity that triggered the exit.
fieldPath Path of the field that triggerred the exit.
sourceDatabaseExternal Utility that enables access to the content of the Collection.

Function arguments contains different variables depending on the operation that triggered the ControlFunction.

The method returns a list of possible values.

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