ControlImportFunction exit

You use the ControlImportFunction exit to control the data during:

  • Standard import
  • CSV file import.

The Control Import Functions can be added to the following function calls.

Function Call When
ControlImportCollection Before 
Importer Before

The ControlImportFunction interface provides methods that enable you to control the different levels of the Collection and check correlations between Elements.

public interface ControlImportFunction


void init(

Map<String, Object> functionArguments,

Map<String, Object> importContext);

List<BusinessError> control(

BusinessEntity targetObject,

Map<String, Object> functionArguments)

throws InterplayException;


void release();



Argument Contents
targetObject BusinessCollection, BusinessObject or Sub-Element depending on the entity that triggered the exit.

Function arguments contains different variables depending on the operation that triggered the ControlFunction.

The method returns the list of business errors that can occur during exit execution.

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