ChangeField exit

You use the ChangeField exit to modify the graphical attributes of Fields or Zones when the end-user modifies the value of a property.

You can modify the following attributes:

Type Attribute
  • visible
  • editable
  • foregroundColor
  • editBackgroundColor
  • backgroundColor
  • fontFamily
  • fontSize
  • fontModifier
  • labelFontFamily
  • labelFontSize
  • labelForegroundColor
  • labelBackgroundColor
  • labelFontModifier
  • label
  • required
  • description
  • mask
  • pattern
  • visible
  • labelBackgroundColor
  • backgroundColor

InterPlay calls the ChangeField exit when the end-user validates a modified field.

public interface ChangeFieldExit {

public List<FieldProperty>

changeField( Object currentElement,

String fieldPath,

Object fieldValue,

SourceDatabaseExternal sourceDatabaseExternal,

Map<String, Object> functionArguments);


Argument Contents
currentElement Object that contains the field on which the exit was declared. It can be an instance of BusinessCollectionExternal, BusinessObjectExternal or ElementExternal.
fieldPath Field path on which the exit was declared. It identifies the field when the exit is used on several fields.
fieldValue Value that was written in the field on which the exit was declared. Primitive values are boxed to their corresponding object.
sourceDatabaseExternal Utility that enables access to the content of the Collection.

Function arguments

The method returns the list of modified field properties.

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