InterPlay communication environment


To provide a complete solution to your recycling and authoring use cases, you can associate InterPlay with other products. InterPlay provides connectors to the corresponding Axway products.

InterPlay connections with other products of the Axway 5 Suite: AccountingIntegrator, PassPort, Sentinel and Process  Manager

Interaction with AccountingIntegrator

When Input-Events are rejected by AccountingIntegrator, they must be manually imported into InterPlay to be corrected. Before InterPlay can process these events, the event definitions must be:

  • Exported from Composer and imported into the InterPlay Designer.
  • Enhanced with additional constraints
  • Deployed on the target InterPlay server

Interaction with PassPort

PassPort manages and controls user accounts and privileges. InterPlay connects to PassPort to control:

  • User authentication
  • User rights on InterPlay resources:
    • Collections and Objects
    • Folders
    • Editors
    • Specific functions such as edit, status changes, purge and so on

Interaction with Sentinel

InterPlay generates events on user actions: logging, data modification, status change, data import and export, mass update, purge and save actions. A connection to Sentinel can be set up to supervise the entire InterPlay process.

Sentinel provides:

  • A real-time business monitoring.
  • An access to the event messages generated by InterPlay and displayed in Sentinel dashboards that you can customize to aggregate events in a business perspective.

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