About InterPlay


Axway InterPlay enables you to create, enrich, and correct structured data via a web user interface.

The following figure illustrates the two main use cases.

Operational systems produce data that go through various stages of standardization, transformation, checking, routing before reaching target systems. An operational system can, for example, generate reports of events that are, after being processed, transformed into accounting entries and stored in the accounting system.

Creating new data

When creating new data, business users can use an application developed specifically for this type of data.

They can also use a generic product like InterPlay that enables them to:

  • Implement quickly new products or new policies without having to develop a dedicated application:
    • Enter accounting operations.
    • Enter non-automated events in business modules.
    • Provide a user interface for niche products.
  • Facilitate data migration from one system to another: complex migrations require manual operations to enrich and correct data that has not been migrated automatically.

Recycling events

When recycling events, the data generated by the operational systems is checked and rejected if invalid. This rejected data must be corrected manually before being processed again. In certain cases, when some data entries are invalid, the whole data set is rejected.

Using a generic solution enables you to:

  • Process errors that are not linked to operational systems, such as repository desynchronization.
  • Speed up error management when:
    • Returning to operational systems is complex.
    • Several control steps are required: rejected entries that have been corrected can be returned after the last control step.
  • Ensure the integrity of the data flow processing.

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