Synchronize Composer Input-Events definitions

Processing AccountingIntegrator Input-Events

  1. Export Rule Engine Input-Events Types
    Use the Export Finance function to export the AI Enabler Process-Context-In and Input-Events objects into an XML file.
  2. Transform Rule Engine Input-Events Types
    Execute the transformConfiguration script to:
  • Transform the XML file into InterPlay configuration files.
  • Integrate in an annotation file, if needed, additional information or small transformations in the original configuration.
  • The KEEP_FILLER property can be used during the transformation process. It should be set in an annotation file. The possible values are "Y" (a property type of type "filler" is created in the Designer configuration) or "N" (the property type is of type "string").
  1. Data import
    Using the importDocument script, you import the configuration that has been generated to the Designer where you can enrich it with additional constraints. You then complete the configuration and create dedicated editors.
  2. Deployment
    When the configuration is ready, you generate a deployment package via the Deploy button.
  3. Configuration import
    Using the Configuration Repository scripts, you import the deployment package into the target Configuration Repository instance (alternative to the deployment from the User Interface).
  4. Configuration update
    Using the InterPlay scripts you update the InterPlay instance target with the new configuration. If new formats have been added, new database tables will be created to store the records corresponding to these formats.
  5. Import of AccountingIntegrator data files
    Using the importDocument script, you import AccountingIntegrator data files that respect the format you have specified in the configuration. The files are imported into Collections and stored in the InterPlay database. You can modify data via the dedicated Editors.
  6. Export of InterPlay data Collection
    Using the exportDocuments script, you export the Collections using the AccountingIntegrator format.

Configuration import and update are performed automatically when you click the Deploy button in the Designer if the InterPlay instance target has been linked to the Designer.

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