Transform Rule Engine Input-Events Types

About Rule Engine Input-Events types

AccountingIntegrator Input-Events are based on one or more formats (Business-documents) that contain a sequence of fields. No field is defined on the Input-Event type itself.

In comparison, InterPlay Objects are defined by a set of properties and are composed of a set of elements that are themselves defined by properties. An Input-Event type that includes only one type of record will be transformed into an Object Type with no property attached and made of one element. A better transformation could be to generate in InterPlay an Object Type with properties and no Element. More generally, you can configure the transformation by providing an annotation file as illustrated in the graphic below.

Syntax of the annotation file:


Transforming the files

  1. Run the transformConfiguration script to transform the Finance XML Export file into InterPlay configuration.
  2. For more information, refer to AccountingIntegrator configuration import script
  3. Run the importDocumentByCollectionType script to import the generated files (Formats and Dictionaries) into the Designer.

In order to use the importDocument or importDocuments commands, you must provide properties files for each of the two generated files (so that the command knows which Collection Type to select when performing the import).

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