About Object Types

Object Type

An Object Type defines the structure of a given Object and includes:

  • The user and computed properties of the Object
  • The hierarchy of Element Types
  • The user properties of each Element in the hierarchy
  • Function calls to customize the behavior when creating, moving, saving, importing an Object.

Each user property is defined by a set of attributes: name, type, and depending on the Element Type the maximum number of characters, the range of values, the pattern the value must match, and so on. Each computed property is defined by the Element type, the Element property, the operation to perform (sum, average, min, max, list, any) and the filter to apply on the Element.The information of an Object Type is common to all the Objects associated with this type.

Headers and Footers

Headers and Footers are optional Objects Types that are used to define information on the Collection content.

Element Type

An Element Type defines the structure of a given Element. It is made of properties and can contain nested sub-Element Types.

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