Configure product

This topic describes running the Installer in configure mode to change a product's configuration.

Windows installations

The same user that did the initial installation (or at least the same type of user) must start the Installer.

Services modification

Some products support an installation in service mode with a user other than the default (local system account).

If the domain field is not shown in the products service configuration dialog, then it must be introduced in the user name field, using this format:

<domain>\<user name>

If it is a local user (a user that was created on the local machine) the <domain> field can be . or the <host name>.


Local user: user1


<host name>\user1

Network user: user2



The following describes running the Installer in configure mode.

GUI mode

UNIX: -m gui

Windows: In Windows Start menu, select Axway Software > Axway [installation name] > Configure

Console mode

UNIX: -m console


  • configure32.exe -m console
  • configure64.exe -m console
Note   If you do not want to use either the GUI or console modes to configure your installation, refer to the Silent mode.

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