This guide explains how to perform a full installation of InterPlay using the Axway Installer and how to upgrade it to the latest version.

About InterPlay

InterPlay enables structured data creation, correction, and enrichment using a web user interface. InterPlay provides the flexibility needed to roll out an integrated solution that can:

  • Recycle incorrect flows regardless of their source (ERPs, specific applications, and so on)
  • Create entry forms for any type of Miscellaneous Transaction (MT) or business event
  • Secure, authenticate, and manage error correction and data entry operations
  • Run and monitor data entry and recycling process

Installation outline

The installation is done using the Axway Installer. It involves the following:

  • Definition of an instance of a database and creation of tablespaces and users
  • Installation of the configuration repository
  • Installation of PassPortAM and Sentinel if InterPlay must interoperate with them.
  • Installation of InterPlay
  • Installation of the Designer if necessary
  • Installation of the Report Server
  • Installation of Administration
  • Installation of AccountingIntegrator, InterPlay and / or any other component than can be required in the process
  • Definition of the link between InterPlay and InterPlay Designer in the Repository if necessary
  • Application of service packs and patches if any
  • Addition of InterPlay users in PassPort

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