Manage the reports

The Report Server web application, enables you to generate reports on data you have imported or created in InterPlay.

The following image illustrates the interactions between the AI Suite Report Server and the other components.

The Report templates generation strategy is configured in Designer for Collection Types and Object Types using the Reporting property.

Possible values are:

  • None: No default report templates are generated at deployment time.
  • Auto(default): Default report templates are generated automatically when needed at runtime.
  • Manual: Default report templates are generated at deployment time.

At design time, when you deploy the configuration into the Repository, InterPlay uses the Report Server to create default libraries and default report templates for every collection type and object type that has the Reporting property set to Manual.

The Report Server uses the BIRT open source tool to generate templates and reports.

The BIRT Designer that is provided with the Infrastructure component enables you to:

  • Create new report templates
  • Import and modify the default report templates

At runtime user privileges are used to filter out the list of report templates, as well as the data that is visible in the generated reports.

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