Set a filter

From a list of Collections, a list of Objects, a list of Elements, a list of Errors:

  1. Click the Filter tab in the navigation pane or the filter link found above each data grid.
  2. Enter the criteria that correspond to your target:
    • File (Collection):
      • Folders: list of Folders
      • Conditions: tests on properties of the Collection
    • Object:
      • Type: the list of Object Types if the currently edited object is a Collection or a List of types of sub-elements for the currently edited object.
      • Conditions: tests on visible properties of the selected type, on error properties and on visible properties of the first level that are subtypes of the selected type.
    • Error: Conditions are tests on error properties.
  3. Click Apply.

You can also set the criteria manually by:

  • Selecting properties from the combobox.
  • Dragging and dropping properties from the table grid on the Filter panel.


Conditions are composed of a property, a predicate and a value. The predicate and the value depend on the type of the property:

Property Predicate Value
  = Equal to
  != Different from
  like Contains
Number and date    
  > Greater than
  < Lower than
  >= Greater than or equal to
  <= Lower than or equal to
  = Equal to
  != Different from

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