Manage the configuration

Configuration Management is an action available in InterPlay under Collection Set. It allows to manage several collection sets.

To manage a set of configurations, go to the collections list and click Manage configurations .

The set of existing configurations is listed in the Configuration Management window.

  • To create a new empty configuration, fill the Create configuration field and click Add.
  • To remove an existing configuration, select it from the list and click Remove.
  • To switch to other configuration select it from the list and click Switch to.
  • The following actions are performed:
    • The current configuration is saved along with the collections.
    • The collections are purged from Designer.
    • The selected configuration is loaded and its collections are imported in Designer.
    • The name of the loaded configuration is displayed on the right side under collection toolbar.
  • To leave the Configuration Management window, click Cancel.

Use Collection Sets on InterPlay runtime

To use Collection Sets on InterPlay runtime:

  1. In Designer > Global Settings > Collection Type Selections, go to Filter expression and set a value for a collection property to be used as a collection identifier at import.
  2. This value is used in the ant importDocuments task and in the switch collection set action.
  3. In Designer > Formats > Collection types, set a value for the Export file name property, so that the exported collections have a unique file name. Otherwise, each exported collection overwrites the collection exported before.
  4. For example, the value of the property Export file name can be set to business_collection:{NAME}_{ID_COLLECTION}.txt. This generates unique file names for each exported collection.
  5. Note Make sure the Export properties checkbox is checked.
  6. In InterPlay runtime, make sure that the property used as a collection identifier has the value specified in the Filter expression property. This is valid for all the collections contained in a collection set.

Known limitations:

To successfully switch to a collection set in InterPlay runtime, the target collection set must contain collection types of the same type as the deployed configuration. For instance, if we have:

In Designer:

  • Collection set Conf1 containing collections to be deployed of type A and B
  • Collection set Conf2 containing collections to be deployed of type C and D

In InterPlay runtime:

  • Collection set R_Conf1, containing collections of type A and B
  • Collection set R_Conf2, containing collections of type C and D

If the deployed collection set is Conf1, then in InterPlay runtime you cannot switch from collection set R_Conf1 to collection set R_Conf2, since the collection set R_Conf2 contains collection types that are not present in the deployed configuration Conf1.

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