Export a list into a file

This action is available from all the lists of the application:

  • List of Collections
  • List of Objects
  • List of Elements
  • List of Errors

If you have applied a filter on the list, only the selected lines are exported. By default, the number of exported lines is restricted to 1 000. You can however customize this value at configuration time. The format of the generated file is as follows:

  • The first line contains the technical name of the properties of the object separated with a semi column (";").
  • If configured, the second line contains the label of the properties of the exported objects.
  • The other lines of the files contain the values for the properties of the exported objects.


  1. Select lines.
  2. Click Export to CSV file.
  3. Confirm action.
    By default, Designer displays a file name.
  4. Accept or modify file name.
    Designer exports the properties into a CSV file you can open with Microsoft Excel.

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