Create an Object

A type of Collection can contain several types of Object. The Create Object action enables you to select the type of Object and the Editor you want to use when you create a new Object.


  1. Click Create Business Object in the Collection toolbar.
    If only one Object Editor is available, InterPlay creates an Object and opens it with that Editor. Otherwise InterPlay displays the Create Object dialog that presents a list of Object Editors where each Editor is:
    • Identified by a name and a version.
    • Associated to an Object Type and optionally to a category.


  2. If the Open first option is configured in the Object Editor Details, the Element Editor is displayed.
  3. If not, select an Editor and click Create (or double-click in list).
    InterPlay creates the Object and opens the chosen Editor.
  4. Modify the data.
  5. Click Save to save the Object in the Collection.

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