Screens layout

Connection window

To access the Designer or the User interface, you must enter your login and password.

Restriction: This window is not displayed when is accessed from a SSO page.

About the Designer screens

The Designer screens include a:

  • Left pane that contains 3 tabs that correspond to the main actions:
    • Browse Collections
    • Filter data
    • Edit Elements (tree structure)
  • Right pane that displays the objects according to their format.

Display Collections

The right pane is divided into:

  • A main tool bar.
  • A Filter link that can be used to access the Filter dialog in the left pane.
  • A Collection list.

Display Collection content

The right pane is divided into:

  • A main tool bar that also includes a field that displays the name of the currently displayed object.
  • An optional Editor label that you can use to display custom text including properties.
  • An Editor pane where data is displayed in Form or Table format.
  • An Editor bottom pane.

Editor bottom pane

The Editor bottom pane contains:

  • An error panel that displays internal and external errors (Error tab).
  • A sibling Editor that displays the list that contains the displayed object (Element tab).

Form and Table pages

A Form page displays the property values of objects (Collection , Object or Element) either in a 2-column or a flow layout.

A Table page displays the properties of a list of objects in a grid.

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