InterPlay 2.2.1 Release Notes

New features and enhancements

New features

Flow management with Event Processor

InterPlay now includes a new Event Processor module that listens to technical events and triggers actions based on rules.

  • Events can be triggered when files arrive in a folder, at a given scheduled time, on a REST call, or for each result of alternate triggered actions.
  • Actions could be, for instance, importing a file to InterPlay, exporting a file from InterPlay, moving a file to a folder, sending a REST event to a product.
  • Easy-to-define rules are used to empower the data flow across InterPlay. They are created and deployed to InterPlay using the Designer.

Simulation tool

You can now test the configuration you have previously defined.

A predefined simulation configuration is delivered. This configuration uses the different possibilities of flow management with the Event Processor and provides a getStarted sample to help you configure the rules to manage your flows.

This simulation configuration implements the following Accounting Integration flow:

  • A test set is created in InterPlay then executed.
  • The data is transmitted to the Rule Engine Server that applies a selected transformation.
  • The rejected input events are imported into InterPlay for correction.
  • The generated output data is sent to InterPlay for consultation.
  • The audit traces are injected to Datastore to build the audit trail.

Simulation action

You can use the Simulation action to execute the predefined automated simulation. After a simulation you can see:

  • The accounting transformation errors
  • The generated output events from an accounting transformation
  • The audit traces for the accounting transformation
  • The reports
  • The simulation flow events

Components settings management in Administration

The components settings are managed by the administration tool, Administration. They may be static or dynamic, and are propagated to the components.

Designer configuration management

When you are connected to Designer, you can now switch from the configuration you are working on to another configuration.

You can:

  • load a configuration
  • switch to another configuration

You can also load predefined sample configurations to help you start a new configuration.

Sentinel notifications

InterPlay generates notifications and uses the Infrastructure common mechanism for Sentinel.

This behavior is configured in Administration. The generated notifications monitor the following:

  • User login/logout
  • Collection creation and generation

Collection set management

You can switch from a collection set to another without loging out from InterPlay. You can:

  • Load a collection set
  • Switch to another collection set


Import files containing errors

When you import a file containing anomalies and rejects from an accounting transformation, you can use additional settings to:

  • Import the file with a flag has error for the initial configuration of the collection.
  • Import the file and link the errors to existing data inside InterPlay to be able to see the results of the simulation. This option does not create a new collection.

Support for MS SQL server

InterPlay is available for MS SQL server database.

Management of warnings in the editors

Editors are able to handle warnings by alerting the user without forcing them to enter a correct value.

Combo box with filter and mask

Combo boxes can now be configured with a filter and a mask.

A URL can be provided in the Information panel in order for the user to access to an external Web page.

Support for changes from custom actions

Changes to the selected objects can now be performed in custom actions.

Exit to filter Importer arguments

An exit can be registered to filter proposed arguments of an Importer.

Actions activation at element level

Buttons can now be enabled or disabled depending on the element type in addition to the object type.

Fixed issues

The following issue has been fixed:

Missing files for the offline setup of the database - Offline database installation now works as expected. Refer to the "Perform post-installation tasks" section of the InterPlay Installation Guide for details.


This section describes documentation enhancements and related documentation.

Documentation enhancements

  • New structure and improvements in the InterPlay Installation Guide. The guide now also covers migration.
  • New InterPlay Security Guide with instructions and recommendations to help you strengthen the security of InterPlay.
  • New Accounting Integration User Guide including information regarding the Accounting Integration products: AccountingIntegrator, InterPlay and InterPlay.

The InterPlayAccounting Integration documentation set includes the following documents:

  • InterPlay User Guide
  • InterPlay Installation Guide
  • InterPlay Security Guide
  • Axway Supported Platforms
  • Axway Interoperability Matrix

Support services

The Axway Global Support team provides worldwide 24x7 support for customers with active support agreements.
Email or visit Axway Sphere at


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