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User interfaces

Gateway user interfaces

Choosing a user interface

GUI and command line interfaces

Gateway provides you with two interfaces that enable you to manage Gateway processes:

  • Windows Graphical User Interface
  • The Graphical User Interface (GUI), also referred to as Gateway Navigator, provides frames, menus and icons you can use to manage the processes of your Gateway from a Windows client platform.
  • Command line interface
  • You can directly enter online commands to manage Gateway processes from a UNIX session or from a Windows system command session.

This documentation includes descriptions of how to use both of these interfaces.

Choosing a user interface

You can execute most Gateway management tasks using either the GUI or the command line interface. For example, you can perform all tasks relating to the management of Transfer Requests, routing and security processes from either interface. One exception is that configuration can only be carried out using the GUI.

There are a certain number of tasks that you can only perform using the command line interface. These include commands that control server behavior (starting, stopping, load balancing, Mailbox management and so on) as well as the configuration of user exits and APIs.

For quick reference to any online command described in this documentation, refer to:

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