Axway Gateway: Overview


Definition of Axway Gateway

Axway Gateway (formerly XFB Gateway) is an Axway product in the Managed File Transfer category, that serves as a communication gateway. It provides a secure front end for handling data exchange between partners that are connected via public networks such as the Internet. It supports a wide range of open standard protocols that includes, but is not restricted to:

  • FTP(s)
  • JMS
  • HTTP(s)
  • Ssh-FTP
  • PeSIT
  • EDIINT AS1, AS2 and AS3
  • OFTP (Odette)
  • SWIFTNet

Principal functions

Gateway enables you to simplify and automate your file transfer processes. You can use Gateway for the following functions:

  • File server function
  • Gateway centralizes file flow between generic workstations and Axway Transfer production.
  • Gateway router function
  • Gateway provides general protocol and network gateway access, typically between corporate networks and Internet and extranet networks. It isolates the local network from the Internet to guarantee data integrity and confidentiality.
  • Axway Transfer function
  • You can use Gateway to create, submit, receive and control file Transfer Requests.

You can integrate Gateway into your security solution. Gateway provides the following standardized security functions:

  • Firewalls and proxies
  • DMZ deployments (using Axway Secure Relay or, alternatively, using paired DMZ Gateways)
  • Partner identification (internal database or external database via LDAP protocol)
  • SSL/TLS one-way or mutual certification
  • Optional encryption of temporary files stored on the gateway

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