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Configuring Gateway for Sentinel monitoring


Configuring Gateway for use with Sentinel


The Axway Platform installation DVD includes three files that contain descriptions of the Sentinel objects that you use for monitoring Gateway from Sentinel. These files are located on the installation DVD in the /extras/sentinel folder:

  • XFB_ALL_EN.xml (for non-High Availability solutions)
  • XFB_ALL_EN_HA.xml (for SWIFTNet High Availability solutions)
  • XFB_ALL_PB_EN.xml

The two files XFB_ALL_EN.xml and XFB_ALL_PB_EN.xml are identical except for some request objects that use a view request scope set to "Private" in the first of these two files and "Public" in the second one.

The view request scope defines the way Sentinel manages the access to requests, either public or based on a username/password pair using profiles created in Sentinel. If PassPort AM is used together with Sentinel then the profiles used will be those from PassPort AM.

Before you can use Sentinel to monitor Gateway events, you must import one of these description files into Sentinel. If you use PassPort AM with Sentinel, use the second file. Otherwise use the first file.

Note: Sentinel does not currently support "Private" view request method for its objects. This is planned for a future release.

The two files: XFB_ALL_EN.xml and XFB_ALL_EN_HA.xml are identical except for the TrackingObject option “nullMngt”, which has the value “Last” (the updates are done relative to the last update) for SWIFTNet High Availability. Therefore, if you are not using the file provided in the delivery and generate the Tracking Object, do not forget to enable the “null management” option when using it in the context of SWIFTNet High Availability.

Configuring Gateway for use with Sentinel

To configure Gateway for use with Sentinel, set up the Sentinel connector in the Gateway configuration menu:

  • In the left pane of the Gateway GUI, right-click the Gateway server that you want to configure and select Configure.
  • Select Connectivity > Axway Connectivity > Sentinel.
  • Complete the Sentinel parameters.
  • Click Activate to enable the connector.
  • Click OK.

After you have activated the Sentinel connector in the configuration menu, Gateway automatically launches Sentinel notification at startup.

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