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Axway Sentinel

Axway Sentinel is a Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) product, part of the Axway Platform. Sentinel provides you with a set of tools that enable you to view and react to events that occur in your network. You can use Sentinel to collect information about targeted platforms and business and technical process events. Sentinel enables you to interpret and react to this information, applying adapted solutions both in real-time and according to a pre-programmed schedule.

If your Axway product package includes both Gateway and Sentinel, you can configure Sentinel to monitor Gateway transfer activities:

  • Transfer state changes
  • Logs

Before using Sentinel, it is recommended that you become familiar with the main concepts and the user interfaces of Sentinel.

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More information

For more information on Sentinel architecture and concepts, refer to the Sentinel documentation.


Links to documentation set for Axway Gateway 6.17.3:

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