Relationship Management Application (RMA)


Axway Financial Exchange products for Gateway RMA

Summary of Gateway RMA features


Gateway RMA (Relationship Management Application) is an optional service of Gateway. It manages the exchange of SWIFTNet authorizations between partners. This first version of Gateway RMA concentrates on RMA filtering using Axway Gateway.

This version of Gateway RMA includes the following features:


  • Ability to import full distribution file in order to populate Gateway RMA with authorizations
  • Ability to import Application Service Profiles (ASP), specifically for the RMA-related parameters
  • Predefined roles used to manage access to the application are delivered


  • An Axway Gateway user exit is provided. This enables the filtering of outbound and inbound SWIFTNet flows using the RMA authorizations stored in Gateway RMA.

Gateway services for Gateway RMA

Gateway RMA is used as part of Gateway in combination with the following products:

  • Axway Gateway
  • PassPort AM

Summary of Gateway RMA features

This section provides an overview of the features available in Gateway RMA. For a complete description, refer to the relevant topics in this document.


The housekeeping scripts enable you to start, stop and check the current status of the RMA Server.

Access control

Gateway RMA uses PassPort AM for access control management. Predefined roles are delivered. When you start Gateway RMA for the first time, it automatically imports all required data into PassPort.

PassPort AM provides a Single Sign On (SSO) feature. Single sign-on enables users to log in to multiple Axway products with just one user name and password.

Checking and importing RMA distribution files

Gateway RMA allows you to import RMA distribution files. These are XML files that contain authorizations. Checking a distribution file consists of making sure that it is valid without actually importing it to the RMA Server.

Importing an ASP package

After you install and configure Gateway RMA, the ASP data tables are empty. You must download an ASP package from SWIFT and import it.

RMA filtering exit

Gateway provides an RMA filtering exit that is used in conjunction with Axway Gateway. Gateway uses the RMA filtering exit to make authorization requests to the Gateway RMA Server for transfers it receives or wants to send. Depending on the response of the RMA Server, the transfers will either proceed or be canceled.

RMA Server administration commands

The RMA command line enables you to act on a running RMA Server. The command line enables you to perform operations such as importing a distribution file or an Application Service Profile (ASP).

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