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A file transfer involves the exchange of a single file from an originating computer to one or more destination computers (Sites). Gateway enables you to create lists of computers that you want to use as destinations for a given type of file. When you create a Transfer Request, you can then specify the list as the destination. Gateway attempts to deliver the file to each computer on the list.

Diffusion List object

The Diffusion List object enables you to use a Transfer Request to send a single file to multiple destinations.

A Diffusion List object comprises:

  • One or more destination Sites and/or one or more Diffusion Lists, or
  • A protocol-level destination, if the Diffusion List is associated with a Template Site. However it is only useful to associate a Template Site with a Diffusion List if you are using Gateway in Responder mode.

When you submit a Transfer Request in which you have entered a Diffusion List name as the destination alias, Gateway:

  • Creates a parent Request (Diffusion List Request)
  • Creates one Transfer Request for each Site referenced in the Diffusion List
  • Displays next to the Transfer identifier in the Transfer list (right pane)

The destination is either a Site (including the Sites referenced by nested lists), or a protocol-level destination (when associated with a Template Site).

To associate multiple protocols with the same Diffusion List, you can combine the Diffusion List functions with a Model object.

Using a template site with a diffusion list

When you first start Gateway, it creates a set of default, protocol-specific Template Sites. A Template Site enables you to take into account a client workstation that is not specifically declared in Gateway as a Site. You should only associate a Template Site with a Diffusion List if you are using Gateway in Responder mode.

If you specify a Template Site for the Diffusion List, all elements in the List are exclusively protocol-level destinations. This means that you cannot use a nested list. Since Sites considered to be protocol-level destinations do not necessarily exist, if you create or modify the List using a Template Site, Gateway performs no checks to determine whether the Sites exist.


  • Create a Diffusion List BRLIST.
  • Use the list as the destination alias in a Transfer Request.

Gateway transfers the file to each Site of BRLIST (SITE1) as well as to each Site contained in each list of BRLIST (SITE2 and SITE3).

The Gateway Mailbox records the following events:

  • One transfer to the destination BRLIST (generic record)
  • One transfer to the destination SITE1
  • One transfer to the destination SITE2
  • One transfer to the destination SITE3

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