Supported platforms and software

This section describes the various supported platforms, Axway software, and third-party software available when using Flow Manager.

Supported external databases

Flow Manager uses external databases for storing data and for session management. Please review the documentation for details on how to configure Flow Manager connectivity to the external databases.

Supported databases for storing Flow Manager data

Flow Manager requires a database to store the flow repository. Specify the database to use in the Flow Manager Docker Compose, choosing from either:

  • Integrated: Flow Manager Docker Compose specifies all the parameters needed to start a MongoDB 4.2 database in the fcmongo section.
  • External: Flow Manager Docker Compose does not have a fcmongo section. It provides connectivity parameters for an external database, which can be:
    • MongoDB 4.2: As a starting point, you can use a MongoDB Docker container.
    • DocumentDB compatible with MongoDB 3.6: Axway provides a Managed Cloud to configure Flow Manager to use a DocumentDB database. You can use AWS Database Migration Service (DMS) to migrate the on-premise MongoDB database to Amazon DocumentDB with virtually no downtime. See

Database for session management

You can use a Redis database to manage the Flow Manager HTTPS session. The supported Redis version is 5.0.5.

Supported products

Flow Manager offers support for data flows with the following products and versions:

Product OS Supported version - Flow Manager deployed with Kubernetes and Open Shift  Supported version -  Flow Manager other deployment types Documentation
Transfer CFT

UNIX, Windows

3.3.2 SP7 P3 and higher

3.3.2 SP4

Transfer CFT 3.3.2 User Guide

z/OS 3.3.2 SP7 P4 and higher 3.3.2 SP4 Transfer CFT 3.3.2 User Guide
OS400, HP NonStop N/A 3.3.2 SP4 Transfer CFT 3.3.2 User Guide
UNIX, Windows, z/OS, OS400, HP NonStop N/A 3.4 SP1

Transfer CFT 3.6 Users Guide
UNIX, Windows, z/OS, OS400, HP NonStop N/A 3.5 Transfer CFT 3.6 Users Guide

UNIX, z/OS, OS400, HP NonStop

3.6 P1 and higher

3.6 P1 and higher

Transfer CFT 3.10 Users Guide
Windows 3.6 SP1 and higher 3.6 SP1 and higher Transfer CFT 3.10 Users Guide
SecureTransport UNIX, Windows

5.5-20210729 and higher 

SecureTransport 5.5 Getting Started Guide

Even though SecureTransport is supported as of version 5.5-20210729, we recommend that you update your SecureTransport instances to the latest release to benefit from the latest functionalities and corrections. Here are the SecureTransport versions that you will need to update to if you want to benefit from the following corrections/improvements in Flow Manager: 

Issue number


SecureTransport Version Required 

Flow Manager Version Required
TRD-6051 AS2 support 5.5-20220526 or higher 2.0 BN20220707 or higher

When updating the content of a partner certificate/key and redeploying a flow that was using it, this partner login certificate is not updated in SecureTransport. To benefit from the fix for this issue, deploy the flow on a SecureTransport version 5.5-20220526 or higher.

5.5-20220526 or higher

2.0 BN20220602 or higher

In some cases, when registering a SecureTransport instance in Flow Manager, a SecureTransport certificate may not be imported with the full chain in Flow Manager, thus leading to the following error when deploying a flow between Transfer CFT and SecureTransport:  "Certificate cannot be deployed: certificate is invalid due to missing extension/constraint". This may occur when the certificate has the same subject as its issuer, or if the certificate has been generated with SecureTransport internal CA.

To benefit from the fix for this issue, you must register a SecureTransport which is version 5.5-20220331 or higher. If you had already registered your SecureTransport instance, you will need to update in Flow Manager the certificate that is attached to this SecureTransport instance with a full chain (you can export from SecureTransport and concatenate both the private certificate and its CA)

5.5-20220331 or higher 2.0 BN20220505 or higher
RDST-50703 Redeploying a flow may fail if the partner name contains a space. 5.5-20220331 or higher Any version
Improvement When registering a SecureTransport 5.5-20220224 or higher, the product name in Flow Manager is also sent to SecureTransport so that you can track this name in the Axway MFT Monitoring/Analytics solution. 5.5-20220224 or higher 2.0 BN220228 or higher
TRD-5991 With a SecureTransport on Oracle, redeploying a ST_FTP_PUSH flow on SecureTransport fails in some cases with the error message "The server was unable to comply with your request. This may be caused by a configuration error. If you have not changed the configuration recently, please restart the admin service. If problems persist, please contact Axway support." 5.5-20220127 or higher Any version
SecureTransport 5.4 Patch 7 and higher is only supported by the Legacy SecureTransport plugin, which is deprecated.

See also Transfer CFT product versions and SecureTransport product versions.

SecureTransport connectors

Flow Manager supports the following SecureTransport connectors, which are available on the Axway Repository:

Connector SecureTransport Connector version







5.4 (Legacy)



The SecureTransport Syncplicity connector is only supported by the Legacy SecureTransport plugin, which is deprecated.


Flow Manager supports the following protocols:

Protocol SecureTransport Transfer CFT Legacy SecureTransport
FTP Yes N/A Yes
HTTP Yes N/A Yes
SFTP Yes Yes Yes
PeSIT Yes Yes Yes
AS2 Yes N/A Yes
Folder  Yes N/A Yes
S2H Yes N/A
SMB Yes N/A Yes
S3 Yes Yes Yes
N/A Yes

For more information about a specific protocol, see Protocols REST API and Create communication profiles.

Supported external Sentinel versions and databases

You can integrate Flow Manager with Sentinel 4.2.0 SP15 Patch 3 and higher.

External Sentinel databases include:

  • Oracle DBMS 11.2, 12.1, 12.2
  • Oracle RAC 11.2
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012, 2014, 2016
  • MySQL 5.6 and 5.7

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