Flow Manager User Guide

This guide describes the tasks for managing Flow Manager, a flow management application delivered as a Docker image. 

About Flow Manager

Flow Manager is used to create end-to-end data flows that drive business interaction.

Flow Manager is an independent repository for data flow configurations and is a core component of the AMPLIFY MFT Platform. The MFT solution comes with predefined flow patterns that Flow Manager turns into easy to use MFT services. By subscribing to an MFT service, you create and deploy a data flow. Flow Manager is meant to hide the complexity of the products involved in the data flow.

You can install Flow Manager as a Docker environment on the customer premise.

You can also choose to use the Flow Manager Service provided by the Axway AMPLIFY Platform, which operates in a SaaS cloud. 

See Operating modes.

Who should use this guide

This guide is intended for people who administer and use Flow Manager and presumes you have a knowledge of:  

  • Your company's business processes and practices  
  • Your company's hardware, software, and IT policies
  • The Internet, including the use of a browser


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