Flow Manager Installation Guide

Flow Manager is a flow management application that creates flows with SecureTransport, Transfer CFT, and external partners using predefined flow templates.  Flow Manager is delivered as a Docker image to operate in a Docker container. See System requirements for details.

Flow Manager can operate in one of two modes:

  • As an Amplify Platform service. 
  • In standalone mode, Flow Manager is managed on-premises by the customer.

Flow Manager provides:

  • Flow patterns, templates, and subscriptions for creating flows based on a partner's needs
  • Management of the flow components, including products, business applications, and partners, as well as policies for products
  • User management
  • Connectivity to external Sentinel for monitoring transfers, alerts, and audit
  • REST API resources for all Flow Manager functionality

See the Flow Manager User Guide for more information.

Who should use this guide

This guide is intended for people who oversee the planning and installation of Flow Manager. This guide presumes you have knowledge of:

  • Your company's business processes and practices
  • Your company's hardware, software, and IT policies
  • The Internet, including the use of a browser

Others who may find this guide useful include network and systems administrators, database administrators, and other technical or business users.

Modes to install Flow Manager

Flow Manager can be installed:

Assumed knowledge

This document assumes a basic understanding of concepts such as containers, container images, and basic commands. 

For basic concepts and container information, please refer to the following resources:

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