Subscription configuration in a template field

You can configure any template field to be used as variable. The process is called subscription configuration. When subscribing to the template you are prompted to provide a custom value for each field.

Hybrid Integrated Platform

When Flow Central is working in Hybrid Integrated Platform mode, you subscribe to an MFT service in Amplify Central. To complete a subscription, you select the following:

  • app - the name of an external partner
  • MFT profile - the external partner connectivity parameters
  • Additional subscription parameters, as defined in the template


When subscribing to a template in Standalone mode, you are required to set the following fields:

  • Subscription name
  • Partner
  • Client communication profile
  • Additional subscription parameters, as defined in the template

Add a subscription configuration to a template field

Next to each template field there is a   icon with the Add to a subscription configuration tooltip.

Select to set a specific format or a specific validation for the value that has to be provide for that field during subscription.

For example, you can restrict End of record character to take one or more of the following values: CRLF, LF, Both


The set of parameters that can be added to a template field are defined in the flow pattern. They usually include the following:


Sets the name under which the field will appear in the subscription to the MFT service.


Describes the purpose of the field.


Template section name containing the parameter.


If there is a finite set of possible values, you can set which of them can be used by the external partner.


Validation rule to which the field complies.

Pattern description

Describes the purpose of the Pattern field.

Default value

By using subscription parameters, you have the option to set the default value for a field during subscription.

Example: Flow identifier (PeSIT) has default value IDF_${}

Lock a field

By default all fields in the template are locked. You can select to add subscription parameters for that field.

To stop using subscription parameters, click on the <lock>.


Use the flow pattern SFTP_PUSH_ST_PESIT_PUSH_CFT_APP:

  1. In Source Protocol and Security SFTP > Authentication mode select the PIN icon.
  2. Remove password from Enum.
  3. Publish the template
  4. In Amplify Central, subscribe to this template. You are now required to set Authentication mode, but you can only set it to password_or_public_key or public_key. Password is not available.

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