To create a template, you first need to upload a pattern to Flow Central. The flow patterns are available at Axway marketplace > Flow Central > MFT flow patterns for Flow Central.
A flow pattern json file defines the:

  • Flow template fields
  • Validation rules for each field in the flow template
  • Information the partner needs to provide for creating the flow

For more information see:


Select Upload to add a new pattern to Flow Central. The uploaded pattern is validated. If the pattern json does not contain the expected fields, an "Unable to upload pattern" error displays.

Pattern List

The Pattern List contains information about the flow patterns uploaded to Flow Central:

  • Name
  • Description
  • A graphical representation of the flow objects involved and the protocols, called Schema.

View pattern

Select an individual pattern to view the pattern json.


Select one or more patterns and click Delete. Patterns that are used in a template are not deleted.

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