Docker Compose AMPLIFY Central parameters

To use Flow Central in Hybrid Integrated Platform mode, you must provide parameters for connecting to Flow Central to the AMPLIFY Central Catalog. 

Manage the connectivity with Amplify Catalog

To authorize the connectivity between Flow Central and Amplify Catalog, create a service account in AMPLIFY Central and retrieve the information to configure in Flow Central:

  • Generate an RSA key pair that will be used for the service account
  • Create a Service Account in AMPLIFY Central UI to obtain a client ID, and the URL token.
  • Configure Flow Central to be authorized with the AMPLIFY platform.

Generate an RSA key pair

To authorize a service account with AMPLIFY platform, you need a public and private key pair in RSA format. To create this key pair, use openssl as follows:

$ openssl genpkey -algorithm RSA -out private_key.pem -pkeyopt rsa_keygen_bits:2048

user@test123 ~/test
$ openssl rsa -pubout -in private_key.pem -out public_key.pem
writing RSA key

user@test123 ~/test
$ ls
private_key.pem  public_key.pem

You can also generate these keys using the scripts found in ./scripts/ folder.

Create a service account

Log on the AMPLIFY Central UI as an administrator, and create a service account. Add the public key that you created above. After creating the account, go to the list of service accounts and click on Download JSON file of the service account created.

You must configure the clientID value, in the downloaded JSON file, in Flow Central's Docker Compose file.

Configure Flow Central 

The FC_APIC parameters available in the docker-compose.yml files customize the connectivity with AMPLIFY Central. These parameters can be changed in case you want to switch to another AMPLIFY Central instance. See Reconfigure Flow Central.

The Docker Compose parameters for Amplify Central are described in the following sections.


To install Flow Central in Hybrid Integrated Platform mode, set this field to true.

To install Flow Central in Standalone mode, set this field to false


Host of AMPLIFY Central installation.


AMPLIFY Central client ID.

Example: DOSA_3ec8cee7ea0b468b81dba89b96111f05


To integrate Flow Central with AMPLIFY Central, first retrieve the public and private keys of the AMPLIFY Central installation and copy them to the ./mounts/configs directory. The path to these files in Docker Compose is referring to where they are mapped inside of the docker image:

FC_APIC_PUBLICKEY : "/opt/axway/configs/catalog-public-key.pem"

FC_APIC_PRIVATEKEY : "/opt/axway/configs/catalog-private-key.pem"

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