Create a user and log on

To use Flow Central, you must first create a user.

Log on with the default user

Log on the Flow Central UI:

  1. Go to https://FC_host:FC_post/fc/ where FC_host is defined in the Docker Compose file, in services: fchost: HOSTNAME.
  2. From the drop-down menu, select the default organization Org.
  3. Provide the admin@first.use and the initial password Initial01.

If you have issues logging on, refer to the User Guide > Logs for troubleshooting.

Create a user

After logging on Flow Central, go to Users > User list and select Add User.

The mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk *:

  • Enter the First Name and Last Name, which will display in the upper right corner of the UI window.
  • Select Org for Organization.
  • Provide the user id with which you log on.
  • Select CG Admin role. CG Admin is a predefined role that includes all Flow Central privileges and guarantees access to all Flow Central functionality. For details, see Security Guide > Predefined privileges and Predefined roles.

Save the user.

Select Default User in the upper right corner to log out.

The newly created user has password Initial01. You are prompted to change this password on the first logon.

For information about creating a user using REST API on a newly installed Flow Central, see Create a new user.

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